Volunteer, Eibs Pond Park
Youth Advisor, Boimah Cooper Memorial Fund

Abdul Hafiz is a Law and Government student attending Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island, NY. He is involved with numerous community projects and has received countless awards and media recognition for his efforts.

Abdul has been volunteering at Eibs Pond Park since second grade with his teacher, and contributed his Volvo for Life youth hero award winnings to improve the park.

After the accidental death of Abdul's baby brother Ibrahim, who fell from a fire escape window, Abdul, his teacher, and class have led a crusade to push for the passage of safety legislation to prevent this tragedy from happening to any other families. See www.ps57gates.com.

Abdul also serves as Youth Advisor to the Boimah Cooper Memorial Fund. He assisted with the care of little Boimah during his stay in the US, treating hims as his own brother, and produced a YouTube video tribute to Boimah. See www.boimah.com/abdul.htm.

After these accomplishments, Abdul became involved with humanitarian relief efforts in Liberia and then Peru, packing all the boxes for shipping.